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EYH Conference Parent Program
The EYH adult program is open to all adults and will raise awareness among parents/guardians about the many educational and economic opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Guest speakers will encourage discussions about how parents, with or without a STEM background, can support their daughters’ pursuit of STEM.

Since mentoring is so critical to women’s success in the STEM fields, the EYH conference introduces this concept by pairing small groups of girls with two female college mentors for the day. After families or student busses arrive on campus, girls are safely matched up with their college mentors for the day, and parents proceed to their own workshops and seminars. The adult program varies from year to year, but always includes one session on college admissions and financial aid, and an address from a senior university administrator to discuss the social and academic environment on today’s college campuses.

The adult workshops have three objectives:
1. To enhance knowledge of the academic courses in middle and high school that are essential for girls to have a strong preparation for STEM fields;
2. To strengthen knowledge of community programs to support extra-curricular learning, and emotional and social development of girls; and
3. To broaden parents’ understanding of the local economy and the types of career opportunities awaiting those who purse education and training in the STEM fields.

Participants who attend the adult EYH conference will have an opportunity to network with other parents/guardians and speak with leaders in academia, the community and industry who share a passion to fill the “pipeline” to STEM jobs with many more young women. Adults will attend their own workshops, enjoy lunch on the campus, and hear speakers address the latest trends in STEM.
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